Sushi Scott

Typical Scott. He set a goal to learn how to do more Asian cooking in 2022. By Jan 2, he’s gathered supplies and is making sushi for the first time. Pretty good for a novice attempt and they tasted fantastic! Avocado, cucumber, crab and shrimp. May we all be more like Scott. Learn new things….

The Seductive Proximity of January 1

Our affable goldendoodle, Tilly, soon to be two years old, has become enthralled in the world of squirrels. I feel confident that she does not mean them harm. I believe her understanding is that they are merely more creatures with which to romp and play. They sit on our back fence, eating the specialty bird…

The Best Advice My Mother Gave Me

I always enjoy the week between Christmas and the new year. I love the way it helps us let go slowly and say a proper good-bye. My mother was a 7th grade English teacher. If you remember 7th grade English, it was saturated with grammatical work. Proper use of commas, dangling participles and conjugating verbs….