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COURTING MR. LINCOLN by Louis Bayard will be coming out in paperback on February 4. Have you read it yet? I received this paperback copy from Algonguin Books this week and got straight to reading it. It’s going to go perfectly with my February read: LEADERSHIP: In Turbulent Times by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

COURTING is a historical fiction based on historical records and original documents between Mary Todd, Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed (Lincoln’s roommate and confidante.) Bayard explores the relationship between Lincoln and Speed as well as the self-possessed debutante, Mary, who learned to discuss politics from her father. COURTING explores the ways in which all three lives intersect in Springfield, Illinois in 1840 and how the three formed the trajectory to the White House. What drew a strong-minded and opinionated woman to the understated Lincoln? What drew him to her? What was Lincoln’s relationship with Speed? Bayard explores this in detail in this fiction inspired by historical events.

“…thoroughly researched and thrillingly plotted. Filled with rich historical detail and compulsively readable. Fans of historical fiction will be up late into the night to uncover the next chapter of this fascinating time in history.” ~ NY Journal of Books

I’m anxious to delve deeply into the world of our 16th president.

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